Go Out & Make Me Do It

Below is an email about federal health reform circulated to the comm-org listserv by Peter Dreier, a very thoughtful scholar of urban inequality and community organizing, that is right on as far as our mission as progressive health advocates is concerned.  Please share this with your networks and do all you can in the coming weeks and months to ensure that we see meaningful health reform in the country and in our communities.

Friends and Colleagues:

I’ve posted this column, Go Out and Make Me Do It, on Huffington Post last night. It is an analysis of Obama’s speech on health insurance reform. I said it was a call to action, emphasizing that he opened the door for activists to mount a ground war to take on the insurance industry and push Congress — especially the handful of recalcitrant Democrats — to support a public option. The title is one of my favorite political quotes: FDR’s request, said to activists who lobbied him to be bold, to go out and make me do it.

Here’s the link to the article:

Also, here’s an op-ed column that Marshall Ganz and I wrote for the Washington Post two Sundays ago: We Have the Hope. Now Where’s the Audacity??

You will probably get lots of emails in the next few days from various organizations urging you to contact your Senators and Congressmembers, support organizations mobilizing people to push for reform, and spread the word among your friends and other contacts.

I encourage you to ramp up your activity in the next few weeks and months.

A great source of information about the grassroots campaign for health care is the website of Health Care for America Now (HCAN), the key coalition spearheading the organizing work. http://healthcareforamericanow.org. They will be looking for people to join the effort in many ways, from donating money, to contact Congress, to participating in rallies and vigils.

Please do what you can. We have an historic opportunity to bring about progressive change and make decent, affordable health insurance a right, not a privilege.



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