Holding the United States Accountable for Medical Repatriation

On April 19, NYLPI’s Health Justice program joined the Seton Hall University School of Law in submitting a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council on the subject of involuntary medical repatriations of undocumented immigrants from hospitals.   As we have written previously on this blog, NYLPI has be co-convening a statewide working group on the problem of hospitals in New York transferring undocumented immigrant patients who need long-term care to international health care facilities, where the quality of care provided may not be adequate.  The Seton Hall University School of Law has been similarly concerned about the practice of medical repatriation in New Jersey.

Together, NYLPI and Seton Hall have submitted this human rights report as part of the UN’s Universal Periodic Review of the United States, in the hope of bringing the global community’s attention to the problem of international patient dumping and, through this external scrutiny, to bring domestic decision-makers to the table to discuss concrete solutions.  We will keep you posted!


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