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Medicaid Reform and Retrenchment: Your Voice is Needed NOW

As many of you know, Governor Cuomo has created a “Medicaid Redesign Team” to help him cut New York’s Medicaid program by $2 billion and redesign it for the long-term.  This 27-member team is made up of only one statewide community organization and has little representation from the public sector. It is primarily dominated by the hospital industry and is led by two men with ties to large, private hospitals. Given the imbalanced composition of the Redesign Team, we are concerned that the “savings” and “reforms” it will propose will also be imbalanced, resulting in cuts to Medicaid benefits, long-term and primary care services in the community, and safety net providers. In New York City, people of color are more than twice as likely to be publicly insured than whites. This means that cuts and bad decisions about reforms to the Medicaid program will have a bigger negative impact on immigrant populations and communities of color.

What can you do in response?

1. Make your voice heard! The Medicaid Redesign Team is hosting a series of public hearings across the state, including two in New York City on Thursday, January 27th. The focus of the hearings is to solicit input on how to achieve savings in the Medicaid program. Consumer advocates and allies must be out in full force at both of these hearings to provide testimony about how savings can be achieved without breaking the backs of low-income New Yorkers who depend on Medicaid for critical health benefits. Click here for more information about time & location for these hearings.

2. Join the campaign! The Save Our Safety Net-Coalition (SOS-C) is mobilizing to keep the voices of consumers and labor front-and-center during the redesign process. If you would like to get involved or simply keep informed about what is happening, please contact the Commission on the Public’s Health System at 212-246-0803 or email

3. Spread the word! Please tell your friends, colleagues and fellow fighters about the upcoming public hearings, encourage them to attend and provide testimony, and urge them to join SOS-C. Important public policy decisions should not be made without the active involvement of the people most impacted. Click here to download a flyer about the Medicaid Redesign Team hearings to share with your networks.

We look forward to working with all of you to ensure that New York’s Medicaid reform is humane, just and participatory.

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