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Welcome to Sascha, the Newest Member of the HJ Team!

Sascha Murillo is excited to join the HJ team as its new community organizer and is fired up and ready to fight for equal access to health care in NY. Sascha graduated from University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Anthropology and spent a lot of time reading about and conducting research on health disparities. She started her work in health justice as a policy intern at Maternity Care Coalition in Philadelphia, supporting advocacy efforts to promote paid sick leave and building support for state legislation designed to curb gender discriminatory practices by health insurance companies. She also worked with Media Mobilizing Project, a grassroots social justice organization, where she participated in community organizing and fundraising efforts around Philly. In 2012 she was selected for the Wellstone Fellowship at Families USA, where she worked to advance health equity at the federal level, from elevating the impact of the budget fight on health disparities to advocating for language access in the health insurance marketplaces under the Affordable Care Act. Originally from Providence, RI, Sascha is a doula and enjoys cooking, biking, and watching reruns of her favorite tv shows.

Welcome, Sascha!

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