HJ News and Resource Roundup 9/20/13

In this week’s installment of the HJ News and Resource Roundup we’ll be discussing access to physical education in NYC public schools, immigrant access to health care, disparities in health care for people of color and LGBTQ individuals, the implementation of the ACA, and more.

Nutrition and Fitness:

We’re in the news! A NY1 exclusive quotes our very own Jennifer Swayne and showcases her work to pressure the Department of Education to share school-by-school information on gym classes NYC public schools.

Access to physical fitness programming in schools may promote student success.

First Lady Michelle Obama has launched a new campaign promoting water as vital to health and wellness. Some, however, feel that the campaign does not go far enough.

Food access for low-income families is threatened under looming cuts to SNAP funding.

In some good news, one study shows teenagers are exercising more and making healthier food choices.

Immigrant Access to Health Care:

Our very own Shena, Director of the Health Justice program, recently testified before the New York State Assembly Committees on Health and Insurance and the Task Force on New Americans in the hearing on the New York Health Benefit Exchange and its impact on immigrants and their families. You can read her testimony here.

This handy guide provides a basic overview of how the ACA will impact immigrants. Advocates are still pushing for immigrant inclusion in health care.

Hospital Closures

HJ Community Organizer Sascha Murillo talks about the suspension of labor and delivery services at North Central Bronx Hospital and the impact this will have on moms in the North Bronx.

Health Disparities:

Asian American teens may face cultural challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Meanwhile, half of Asian American teens in NYC report having experienced bias-based bullying, which may lead to depression and anxiety over time.

New research provides insight into ways to reduce racial disparities in diabetes mortality.

Transgender writer and activist Janet Mock discusses the importance of trans-inclusive/affirming health care.

An interview with education reform advocate Diane Ravitch explores the connection between failing education systems, poor health outcomes, race, and poverty in the US.

ACA Implementation:

The most recent US census reveals interesting data on health insurance in America.

Racial justice advocates are worried about the limits of Medicaid expansion and what that means for low-income folks of color. Meanwhile, some hope for even broader solutions in a single-payer approach to health care.

The White House hopes to expand outreach to LGBTQ communities under the ACA.

The ACA will also make health care more affordable for people who lose their jobs.

Continued Republican attacks on the ACA will harm low-income communities.


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