HJ News and Resource Roundup 9/27/13

In this week’s installment of the HJ News and Resource Roundup we’ll be discussing the implementation of the ACA and the challenges immigrant families will face, disparities in health for people of color, last week’s mom-led rally at North Central Bronx Hospital, and more.

ACA Implementation and Immigrant Access to Health Care

October 1 is only 4 days away! Millions of Americans will be eligible to purchase health insurance through their state’s marketplaces (aka exchanges). However, many consumers, especially immigrants, will face barriers to accessing care through the marketplaces, including language barriers and confusing eligibility rules. Here’s a handy FAQ on eligibility for immigrant families.

In a blog post, Marielena Hincapie from the National Immigration Law Center applauds the law for bringing millions of uninsured out of the shadows, but draws attention to the millions of undocumented immigrants that are left behind.

Health Disparities

A new study finds racial and ethnic disparities in pain management and length of stay among children treated in the ER for abdominal pain.

A recent report draws connections between geography, income, and access to health care.

Hospital Closures

Brooklyn hospitals find temporary reprieve from closures, but many systemic problems remain to be addressed.

Mother NCBH

Last week, moms, nurses, doctors, community members, and advocates rallied at North Central Bronx Hospital to keep labor and delivery services open.





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