HJ News and Resource Roundup 10/28/13

In this week’s edition of the News and Resource Roundup, we’ll be discussing the various barriers consumers are facing when trying to enroll for coverage under the ACA, the ongoing campaign to bring back labor and delivery services to the North Bronx, transgender health access, and more!

Affordable Care Act Implementation

While many states are struggling with technical glitches on Healthcare.gov, New York’s health plan marketplace website has run quite smoothly. However, pricey premiums are posing a challenge to enrolling New Yorkers’ into coverage.

And it seems that in spite of the House GOP’s efforts, the ACA gained popularity during the government shutdown.

Immigrant Access to Health Care

Last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued clarification confirming that immigrant parents can enroll their children and other eligible family members in health insurance programs under the Affordable Care Act without triggering immigration enforcement activity. This announcement will alleviate many fears among mixed-status families who wish to enroll eligible members of their families.

The Community Service Society, in partnership with the New York Immigration Coalition, NYC Office of Immigrant Affairs, the NYS Office for New Americans, and others, has launched the NYC Immigrant Services Manual. The manual includes information and resources on where and how to access food assistance, housing, as well as health insurance and health services programs.

Hospital Closures

Governor Cuomo is considering a proposal that would consolidate Kingsbrook Jewish, University, and Brookdale hospitals in Brooklyn into one facility.

More coverage of the fight to bring back labor and delivery services to North Central Bronx Hospital from Norwood News and Reporting NYC.

Health Disparities

This article discusses the many barriers that transgender people face when accessing health care.

HIV prevention activists are pressuring the NYC Department of Health to work with LGBT and HIV/AIDS communities to release and fully fund a comprehensive plan to prevent HIV infection in NYC.

A new study documents the cost of unplanned pregnancies incurred by public programs such as Medicaid, CHIP, and the Indian Health Service.

A project by Brown.Girl.Farming blogger Natasha Bowens maps food justice initiatives around the U.S.


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