HJ News and Resource Roundup 1/31/14

After a bit of a hiatus, we’re back with our (soon to be once again) weekly news and resource round-up! To make up for lost time, we’ve got extra-long, extra-special coverage for you today. This week we’ll cover racial disparities in asthma and cancer rates, mental and maternal health issues, some notable anniversaries we missed, and, as always, the latest on the ACA rollout.

Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

The NYT discusses challenges in tackling the racial gap in breast cancer survival.

The Asian American community faces high rates of infection and amputation, in part due to cultural practices.

Childhood asthma rates soar in low-income communities of color.

Conventional heart health education efforts may fail to reach Latinas, who already face disproportionate rates of cardiac illness.

This infographic explores the health impact of unemployment, which is particularly high for people of color.

A new study suggests that internalized racism can accelerate the aging process and other health issues in black men.


Less than half of polled people are aware of the March enrollment deadline to avoid penalties.

States that refuse to expand Medicaid are leaving many people of color without insurance.

For many consumers, income levels will fluctuate enough causing them to have to alternate between Medicaid and exchange coverage, likely leading to higher costs for states and insurance companies and gaps in coverage for consumers.

The HHS Advisory Committee on Minority Health has released a report on minority involvement in health exchanges.

Enrollment continues, yet health literacy and language accessibility remain low.

And just in case you were wondering, no, Republicans aren’t backing down.

Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health

In our last round-up, we reported on the growing trend of criminalization of HIV+ people. Now, new legislation has been proposed to combat this discrimination. Meanwhile, the real threat to HIV treatment and prevention looms: our very own health care system.

New parent? Worried about vaccinating your kids? Here’s an important reason to vaccinate.

When maternal health, end of life care, and the abortion debate collide. (You can read about the outcome of this case here.)

Mental Health

LGBTQ-friendly school policies reduce suicide risk for all students. This is particularly important given the high rates of suicide in the trans community.

Al Jazeera America explores psychiatric boarding, hospital funding, and the rights of people with mental illness.

Anniversaries and Special Events

De Blasio Inauguration

New York City has a new mayor! Congratulations and welcome to Mayor De Blasio. We wish you the best in making your promise for progressive reform a reality. We especially hope you will take up the charge of advancing health justice!


It’s a new year! And speaking of progressive reform, here’s some of the best 2013 had to offer.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Read a touching personal account of Dr. King’s legacy. Also, be sure to check out last year’s post on Dr. King’s legacy and the fight for racial justice in health care.

41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

ProPublica offers an excellent round-up of their own of the best reporting on abortion.

State of the Union Address

This year, President Obama defends the ACA and calls 2014 the “year of action.”

Here and Now: Local and Timely Issues

The search for missing autistic teenager Avonte Oquendo has come to a tragic end, leaving legislators to explore how best to protect other children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Mayor De Blasio has dropped the appeal against the judicial ruling that found stop & frisk unconstitutional!


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