HJ News and Resource Roundup 2/21/14

Welcome back to the news and resource roundup! This week, we’re looking at disparate health impacts on women and communities of color, health and safety in prisons, and covering some interesting developments in hospital closures in New York and nationally.

Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities:

There are growing disparities in ADHD diagnosis for black and limited English proficient children.

How do racial and ethnic health disparities impact the economy?

Mayor De Blasio is looking to move 400 children and their families, many of whom people of color, out of two homeless shelters that have been cited for deplorable health and living conditions.

Prison Health:

As part of their business model, for-profit prisons vy to incarcerate younger inmates of color, who on the whole tend to have better health and thus cost less to incarcerate. This allows for-profit prisons to argue they are a more fiscally responsible model than state-run facilities, paving the way for their expansion–and the further and disproportionate incarceration of people of color.

New York State has agreed to sweeping reforms of punishment practices in prisons, including the use of solitary confinement. This is particularly important considering research that suggests that just a few days spent in solitary can dramatically restructure the brain.

Hospital Closures:

An $8 billion grant of federal Medicaid dollars likely will not stop the looming closure threat to community hospitals throughout New York.

Governor Cuomo, SUNY Chairman Carl McCall, and Mayor De Blasio announce the Long Island College Hospital settlement agreement.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, the state’s decision to reject Medicaid expansion has led to hospital closures in communities that are most in need of emergency care services.

Obamacare and Immigrant Access to Care:

Proposed legislation in California will extend health coverage to all residents.

Guttmacher Institute has released a report on removing legal barriers to health insurance coverage for immigrants.

NYLPI has signed on to a letter to support CHIP reauthorization.

Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health:

Miscarriage management” emerges in response to limited access to abortion care for low-income women in Texas.

Here’s an exploration of reproductive justice for young men of color in light of the brutal assault of a sixteen-year-old boy at the hands of Philadelphia police.

Why do more babies die when Republicans are in office? The Atlantic explores political affiliation, race, and infant mortality.

People with HIV can be refused life-saving organ transplants.


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