HJ News and Resource Roundup 3/21/14

Hello and welcome back to the news and resource roundup! This week, we’ll be discussing health disparities for various marginalized communities, emerging issues in the fight for reproductive justice, and taking a special look at some new developments in our campaign to save Labor & Delivery services at North Central Bronx Hospital.

Health Disparities:

On geography, access to care, and health outcomes.

Access to necessary health care remains an issue for incarcerated and recently released individuals.

HIV-positive Black people often do not receive continuity of care.

Babies may be able to “inherit stress” from their mothers, and even farther back in their genetic history. This theory may hold implications for racial and ethnic health disparities.

A community-oriented approach to eliminating racial health disparities.

Racial disparities in diabetic eye health.


Trans health and access to care under the ACA.

More issues with language access and the new health exchanges.

Advocates say NYC immigrants aren’t signing up for health insurance.

Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health:

A Buffalo-based doctor has opened a natural birthing center and abortion clinic within the same walls, providing the full spectrum of reproductive care.

The murder charge of a woman who gave birth to a stillborn baby may have terrifying implications for access to reproductive health care.

Immigrant rights, language access, and state interference in maternal custody.

Local News:

HHC issued an official announcement that they are working to bring back Labor and Delivery to North Central Bronx Hospital by September. You can read about their press conference here and here. Advocates, including our very own community organizer Sascha Murillo, organized a public meeting at the hospital. Over 100 employees, concerned community members, and advocates attended! You can read about the meeting here and watch a video of community member Sandra Lobo Jost pressing HHC Senior VP Laray Brown with questions about community engagement in the reopening of Labor and Delivery at NCBH. Also read new City Council Member Ritchie Torres’ demand for a firm commitment from HHC on regular communication and engagement with the community.

Members of NYLPI’s Environmental Justice team testify on school health conditions and the DOE’s use of “temporary” trailers for education.


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