HJ News and Resource Roundup 4/4/14

Sorry for our delay! We’re back this week with an extra special news and resource roundup. This week, we’ll be covering health disparities, reproductive health concerns across the pregnancy spectrum, the disturbing state of health care in America’s prisons, and ACA rollout analysis.

Health Disparities:

The learning gap between wealthy/white and poor/of color children begins early.

Tracking health disparities in the LGBTQ population nationwide.

A look at racial and ethnic health disparities in New Mexico, a state whose demographics may predict nationwide trends.

“A political system that fosters inequality limits the attainment of health.”

Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health:

With the new mayoral administration, there have been some positive changes in teen pregnancy prevention messaging here in NYC. Yet many problems remain. More on how the stigmatization of teen mothers is both harmful and unwarranted here.

Challenges to birth control coverage under the ACA made it to the Supreme Court last week.

Abortion access and the ACA.

The dangerous trend of criminalizing pregnant women who use drugs is most likely to impact poor women, young women, and women of color–all of whom already experience disproportionately high rates of maternal and prenatal complications.

Happiness levels during pregnancy are lower for Black women than their non-Black counterparts.

Prison Health:

In Chicago, the largest mental health provider is the Cook County Jail. Advocates–and even the county sheriff–are calling for the reopening of closed mental health clinics and Medicaid coverage of mental health care services.

A look at the lasting health and social impacts of harsh mandatory sentencing.

A few weeks ago, we covered the landmark decision in the state of New York to restrict the use of solitary confinement. Here’s a great long-read on the mental and neurological health impact of solitary.

On the tragic death of Jerome Murdough, a homeless and mentally ill man who died in Rikers Jail.


There will be an enrollment extension for people who experienced technical issues accessing federal marketplace online.

Latinos still lag in enrollment rates.

Check out these helpful fact sheets on health coverage for people with disabilities.

Asian Americans and health enrollment.

Positive developments for survivors of domestic violence accessing health care.

One of the primary goals of ACA is to increase access to primary care. But what if mental health services could be provided in a primary care setting as well? For children, this may already be the case.

Nutrition and Wellness:

Active moms=active kids.

Google launches a tool to compare the nutritional value of different foods.

Faith, fellowship, and fitness.

Local and Timely News:

Our very own Jenn discusses the health concerns of medical workers in a New York City hospital.

More on NCBH.

New York is one of two states working toward a Basic Health Plan that will provide more affordable coverage for low-income families than they may find in the marketplace!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


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