HJ News and Resource Roundup 4/11/14

It’s National Minority Health Month and we have plenty of news on racial and ethnic health disparities, immigrant access to health care, and language barriers in the health system in this week’s news and resource roundup. We’ll also bring you articles on prison health and the latest on the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

Read (now former) HHS Secretary Sebelius’ statement on National Minority Health Month here.

African-American children with autism are being diagnosed later than children of any other ethnic group.

Poverty and unstable households “ages” the genes of young black children.

Listen to this story about a California medical center that is training interpreters to provide language assistance in indigenous Mexican languages common in the region.

Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health

On reproductive justice for women of color and the continued need for the Medicaid sterilization consent requirement.

An investigative report on pregnant detainees in immigration detention centers.

A report on crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in NYC. CPCs are non-medical centers, staffed by untrained non-providers who distribute false and intentionally manipulative information to prevent abortion.

On the return of the back-alley abortions in Texas.

Prison Health

New York City prisons are not meeting the health needs of their mentally ill inmates.

Yet another report on treatment of people with mental illness in prisons.

The Vera Institute recently held an event on this issue. You can find information on the event and watch a video of the speakers here.

Here’s an academic perspective on health care discrimination and incarceration.


The ACA can reduce unnecessary incarceration of people experiencing mental illness and substance use disorders. The ACLU has released a primer on the ACA and the criminal justice system . Read press release here and download the toolkit here.

The ACA provides an unprecedented opportunity to expand coverage for people of color and reduce health disparities. Office of Minority Health Director Nadine Gracia talks about how the ACA is currently working to close the gap on health disparities.

This article explains the critical steps following enrollment that will ensure expanded access to health care for communities of color.


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