HJ News and Resource Roundup 4/25/14

Welcome back! This week, we’re covering racial and ethnic health disparities evident in everything from disaster preparedness to foster care, exploring more on pregnancy-related discrimination, and, as always, highlighting current developments and challenges in ACA rollout.

Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities:

Low-income individuals have shorter life spans than those with higher income.

On building a life after aging out of the foster care system, in which youth of color are disproportionately involved.

Earlier this week we celebrated Earth Day! Learn about Black environmentalists doing important work to protect the environmental and social health of their communities.

Reflections on disaster preparedness and recovery for communities of color during Minority Health Month.

Ariel Gonzalez, suffering kidney failure, highlights the reluctance of undocumented immigrants to access emergency treatment.

The CDC has announced promising new initiatives to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities.


Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health:

Sign this petition calling on Tennessee Governor Haslam to veto the Pregnancy Criminalization Law we discussed last week.

American anti-abortion policies have devastating effects–and a worldwide reach.

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.

The FDA has approved new screening methods for cervical cancer.


Mental Health:

Connecticut is holding a 16-year-old trans girl of color and survivor of violence in an adult men’s prison, putting her at great physical and psychological risk.

New research suggests the mental and physical toll of bullying persists for decades.



How one state convinced its “young invincibles” to get health insurance.

Helpful tips on changing health insurance plans in the exchanges.

A recent poll analyzes public opinion on Obamacare in southern states with deep, Republican-led opposition to the law, while Democratic candidates around the country are becoming more vocal advocates.


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