HJ News and Resource Roundup 5/30/14

Aaaaand we’re back! We’ve got an extra special, super packed roundup for you today, because what better way to kick off summer than to get your health justice news on? Keep reading below for coverage of the latest in access to care for marginalized communities, reproductive justice, prison health, and local health and wellness initiatives.

Health Disparities:

Disparities in AIDS-related deaths in the US vs. other industrialized countries.

Health providers’ ignorance and discomfort lead to decreased access to and quality of care for patients with disabilities.

Funding cuts may leave immigrant communities particularly vulnerable to tuberculosis.

The junk food industry shamelessly markets toward black and Latino youth, who already endure disproportionate rates of diet-related illnesses.

Eliminating co-pays improves medication adherence and eliminates adverse events in patients of color.

Mental Health and Wellness:

Comprehensive and adequate approaches to mental health and wellness are critical for the nation’s wellbeing.

Thousands of toddlers are medicated for ADHD, raising concerns about inappropriate and excessive use of medication.

Prison Health:

More on the mental health risks to adolescents of solitary confinement. Amid calls for an end to the use of punitive solitary confinement, frontline health workers face increasing violence at Rikers.

Poverty, prison, and motherhood.

The European model for prisons deeply contrasts our own.

Inmates in Arizona are dying from inadequate health care.


Hospitals consider cutting charity care dollars with implementation of the ACA–a move that would fail to provide care for all who need it.

Many immigrants remain without coverage under the ACA. But will differing state systems offer a controlled experiment in extending coverage to immigrants?

Health insurance plans in the federal marketplace are discriminating against HIV+ patients.

Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health:

More on the shameful and ill-advised criminalization of substance-using pregnant women.

Conservative policies around pregnancy can prove deadly.

Teen pregnancy and abortion rates hit record lows.

On the shackling of incarcerated pregnant women during labor.

Google agrees to remove misleading ads that direct patients seeking contraception and abortion services to right-wing “crisis pregnancy centers.”

The Here and Now: Local and Timely Issues:

Local activists condemn online grocer FreshDirect’s taxpayer-funded relocation of its truck-intensive operations to the South Bronx, an area already disproportionately overburdened with truck traffic and the correlated health and environmental risks.

No Condoms as Evidence policy–one that bans the possession of condoms as evidence of prostitution–will take effect in NYC, but unfortunately does not go far enough to protect the many communities targeted by the practice. Luckily, City Council has introduced legislation to correct this.

The importance of language access in NYC courts for victims of crimes.

A Staten Island hospital forced a patient into having a c-section against her will.

Mayor De Blasio approves the E. 91st St. Marine Transfer Station, which will alleviate the environmental health burden of trash hauling on low-income communities of color.

Jill Furillo discusses LICH.

May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. Here’s how to prevent teen pregnancies while supporting–not shaming–young parents.

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