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HJ News and Resource Roundup: 9/24/14

We’re back with your September Health Justice News Roundup! This month, read about changes to Medicaid, updates on reproductive and maternal health, racial disparities in childhood diabetes and an interesting array of local and timely news reports.

The ACA and Federal healthcare mandates:

Medicaid to cover certain services for children with autism.

A number of states target low-income individuals by asking Medicaid recipients to pay a premium for services.

Reproductive and Maternal Health:

A new study reports that children born to women who had gestational diabetes have a substantially higher likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes as teenagers.

Insurers continue to violate the ACA mandate to cover the full range of birth control methods.

Health Disparities:

New CDC study finds substantially higher risk of diabetes for black and Latino children over their white counterparts.

The Here and Now:

How to improve public health and climate change simultaneously.

Parents should take extra-steps to protect children against the Enterovirus, which can cause severe respiratory infection.

New York City to provide critical support and legal services to migrant children.

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